Thursday, June 28, 2012


Dog Decor
Collars for the pampered pooch in you life.

Each collar is handmade with care using heavy weave nylon webbing, sturdy plastic hardware, a D-ring and embellished with ribbon and flower. There are three different sizes- small, medium and large. The collars come in all different styles and colors with new ones added frequently.

The flowers are layered with a circle of closed cell foam to ensure that they hold their shape, and are then sewn to the collar. Unless otherwise noted, any of the flower colors can be used on any of the collars, if you would like to choose the flower let me know.


Small collars can be adjusted between 9- 12* inches in length.
Medium collars can be adjusted between 10- 15* inches in length.
Large collars can be adjusted between 14- 20* inches in length.

*Note- adjustment length will be affected by the flower placement on the collar. If there is a flower it will add 1 ½- 2 inches to the shortest length.


     Small- $10
                    $15 w/ flower
     Medium- $15
                          $20 w/ flower
     Large- $20
                     $25 w/ flower